Saturday, May 14, 2011


Last Friday, Puan Kamariah, Puan Idayati, Miss Cheah and Ammar visited the herbal exhibition at MDM Hall titled. "Pameran 1001 Herba dan Perubatan Komplimentari".  We went after Asar prayers as I needed to get some more materials for Puan Asiah and Puan Latifah to complete making the potpourri satchets.
The exhibition will be held from 13 until 15 May, 2011.  I am not too sure as to whether there were really 1001 types of herbal plants being exhibited.  Furthermore, we found that some of the plants were wrongly labelled.  Hmm ... the exhibitors didn't realise that the three teachers who went for the exhibition were very interested in herbs and know the names of quite a number of herbal plants.
Besides the plants, there were booths set up to promote complementary medicine which uses herbs for healing. 

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