Monday, May 16, 2011


Mrs Cheah became ill after breathing in the smoke from the fogging machine to rid the housing area of mosquitoes. My guess is that someone in the area was diagnosed with dengue fever and so the people from the health department carried out the fogging exercise.

The whole of Saturday Mrs Cheah had difficulty breathing and was lethargic and weak. To make matters worse her gastric problem was also causing her a lot of discomfort.

When Miss Cheah and her aunt reached her home in Ipoh, her mum had already put on a nose strip to help her breathing. When we went out for breakfast, she did not eat anything but just drank an almond drink.
 What you see is the unfinished Baju Kurung that Mrs Cheah was making for Miss Cheah to wear on Teacher's Day which we are celebrating in the morning. Since she is so sick she could not complete it.

All the teachers and staff in the school school are wearing the same fabric and pattern. That means, Miss Cheah will be the odd one out. What to do?
So Miss Cheah went out and bought herself a new dress to wear for Teacher's Day but then it would not be the same pattern.  Mrs Cheah jokingly said that she would finish sewing the baju kurung next week and I could wear it  for next year's Teacher's Day.  Ha Ha Ha.  Very Funny.

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