Monday, October 31, 2011


A week ago, I had sprained my right hand while lifting a heavy object. I had used medicated plaster on my hand for a few days and it got better. However, I sprained the same hand again while lifting some heavy potted plants in my compound yesterday. You see, it was raining heavily and the water from the rain gutter was hitting hard on a few of my potted plants causing the soil to flow out. When the rain had stopped, I went out to move the pots and also to clean my compound.
When I woke up this morning, my hand felt painful and I felt that the bone in my thumb was dislocated. When driving to school, I actually used my left arm to maneuver the steering wheel with the right hand steadying it. I drove very slowly until I reached school.
Thank goodness when I reached school, the students were on hand to help me carry my laptop, camera and bag from the car to the library. Later the group of boys below helped me to set up up the LCD projector and screen for my lesson later in the morning.

However, my hand began hurting more as the morning wore on. So immediately after my lesson ended, I asked for permission from the principal to go for treatment. Luckily, Puan Kamariah was free at that time and she helped to send me to the Chinese traditional masseur, Uncle Cheong's place. He helped to set my dislocated bone and also acupressure to my sprained hand. As expected it was painful but I soldiered on. A poultice of herbs were later placed on my swollen hand. After that on came the bandage. I am to have it on until tomorrow. Uncle Cheong told me not to eat chicken (not a problem) and not to drink any iced drinks (big problem) to help my hand heal faster.

In the pictures you see me with Puan Rasilah. She had dislocated her middle finger when playing netball. She too went to Uncle Cheong for treatment. Her bandage has been on for four days.  She would be having it removed today.

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