Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Haziq checking out from Virgo Batik Resort

 After attending the Kem Al-Falah Fasa II at Virgo Batik Resort in Teluk Batik, the 25 participants checked out from the place and got ready to go home.  Waiting for them on the bus was Encik Hambali, the school driver.  He would be sending them back to the hostel where some of their parents would be picking them up to take them home for the week long Deepavali holidays.  There were a few who would be going back on their own by bus.
After three days and two nights of hard work looking after the 25 participants, Cikgu Hanafiah got ready to go home.  With him is Alif who assisted Cikgu Hanafiah during the Al-Falah Camp.

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