Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This morning, Ustaz Lotpi introduced me to one of his former students, Muaz bin Jamaludin. Muaz studied in our school from 2004 to 2005 when I was away reading for my Masters Degree. He was doing the JDI course under Cikgu Ali and Cikgu Suhaimi.

After he obtained his certificate, he decided to sit for the SPM as a private candidate. He asked permission to join 5EK1 class at that time so that he could prepare for the examination. He studied for 3 months until the examination and said that among the teachers who taught him were Ustaz Lotpi, Puan Rasilah and Cikgu Rosli Samot.

After he passed his SPM he worked at Kencana Petroleum before he continued his studies at Polytechnic Ungku Omar at the end of 2006. At present he is working as a technician at MTU but he has been offered to do a diploma in mechanical engineering course at Polytechnic Ungku Omar. He has decided to further his education and came to school today to get Ustaz Lotpi to certify some of his documents.

Congratulations to Muaz for being given the chance to further his education. He tells me that he plans to get a degree after he obtains a diploma.

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