Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 The news vendor for our school, Mr Chong shared a herbal tip with Miss Cheah, Ustazah Roslina and Puan Asiah yesterday.  He told us that his brother who is suffering from leukaemia is trying a type of herb called Sabah Snake Grass or Belalai Gajah.  Mr Chong read about this wonder herb in the Chinese newspaper and managed to get hold of it for his brother.  It seems that after taking the Sabah Snake Grass for a week, Mr Chong's brother is feeling better.
This morning when he came to the library to send the newspapers, Mr Chong brought along the Sabah Snake Grass for me to plant in the Herb Garden.    However, he said that I need to place the plant in a container of water until roots come out before planting.  Hopefully, I can grow a lot of the plants in school so that whoever needs them can get it from us.

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