Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today Puan Kamariah and I were busy holding farewell ceremonies for our colleagues who will no longer be with us next year when the school is transformed into a college.  The second farewell that we had for today was for Cikgu Hanafiah and Puan Nurul Marliana at Shabu Shabu Restaurant.  Unfortunately, Puan Nurul could not be with us as her son was ill.
The contracts of both Cikgu Hanafiah and Cikgu Nurul expire at the end of the year and will not be renewed as we already have an excess of teachers for 2011.  We are all hoping and praying that both of them will be selected to undergo training to become full-fledged teachers.
On behalf of the teachers, staff and students of Vokasma, I would like to thank both teachers for the good job they have done during their two years at Vokasma.  May they be absorbed into teacher training programmes and come back to lecture at Kolej Vokasional Seri Manjung in future.  We really need dedicated and hardworking lecturers like them.

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