Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I got a message from Cikgu Daniel Farid bin Faizal at around noon today informing me that he had been warded at the Manjung District Hospital. Early in the morning, I had sent him to the hospital as his old back injury was bothering him. He was actually feeling numbness in one leg and also felt pain when he was walking.
Cikgu Daniel may look very happy in the pictures above but then he is actually not feeling well.  He has to go for a MRI scan tomorrow. The scan would decide if he needs to undergo surgery for his back.
For those who wish to pay him a visit, he is at Ward 8 (First Class Ward), bed number 25 of the Manjung District Hospital.  

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Daniel Crosshair said...

I was discharged yesterday. thx to Miss Cheah Li Na & Puan Kamariah Sulaiman, who came to sent me back home. I was discharge because the appointment for the MRI scan could only be given on 8th of December 2011. the scan couldn't be set any early coz the Ipoh Hospital lab assumed that my conditions were not so urgent for the scan.