Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Unlike many people, I get very excited when I see plants that I haven't seen before.  It happened again yesterday, when I spotted the loofah plant growing on the fence of a holiday chalet at Teluk Batik.  Next time, I go there I will ask for some seeds.
Now let me give you some input about the Loofah Gourd.  This type of gourd has several types of spellings, i.e. Lofah, Luffa or Lufa.  Any which way, they all mean the same.  It is also known as Washrag Gourd as it is used by housewives as a sponge.   The Loofah can be used for bathing, washing and scrubbing dishes. 
When fully matured, you can peel off the dried and outer shell to get to the fibrous sponge. To clean your it, you need to  wash in clean water and then soak it in a solution of bleach and water and allow to dry in the sun. 
Loofah sponges

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