Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have more time in the afternoons to devote to the Herb Garden in school.  I have been training a few of my students to choose the herbs that could be used for a traditional herbal bath.  This afternoon, I was teaching them about which herbs to choose to treat skin diseases.  One of the teachers was bitten by some insects when she visited a wooded area and had developed a big rash and so I was getting herbs for a medicinal bath for her.  The herbs that I told them to get from the garden were the leaves of the Lemuni, Inai, Starfruit, Sirih, Kaduk and Hempedu Bumi.  I also got herbs for a few other teachers in the school with the help of my young apprentices.  After they had selected the herbs, they helped to sort and pack them.  Hopefully, the boys and girls would learn a thing or two about traditional treatment by the time they complete their schooling.

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