Friday, August 19, 2011


The total amount of money we have collected from the teachers, staff, students and other well-wishers to buy clothes for the orphans, needy children and the needy senior citizens amounted to RM 1,098.  RM200 will be allocated to buy Goodie bags for the needy senior citizens and single mothers.  RM896 will be used to buy new Raya clothes for the orphans and needy children.  Ustaz Syed added RM750 from the Funds for Orphans to top up the amount to enable us to buy the Baju Melayu, Baju Kurung and slippers for the boys and girls.
In the above picture, you see Miss Cheah, Puan Kamariah and Ustaz Syed in discussion about how to use the funds collected.  This is the fifth year that Puan Kamariah and Miss Cheah have assisted Ustaz Syed in the Hari Raya Contribution Project. They have decided that the boys will be taken to the shops on Monday afternoon to buy new clothes.  The girls will have their turn on Tuesday afternoon.  On Wednesday, the librarians will represent the school to present the Goodie bags to the 10 needy senior citizens at the Pondok.
So far Cikgu Ali, Cikgu Suhaimi, Cikgu Azalilah, Cik Irma Suriani, Ustazah Fauzana, Puan Khairah and Cikgu Hanafiah have volunteered to assist next week.

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