Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After much planning the third activity in conjunction with the library themed exhibition on Ramadhan was finally carried out. The first activity was the collection of contributions to buy clothes for the orphans and needy children plus festive gifts for the needy senior citizens. The second was to take the orphans and needy children from the Manabi'ul Ulum Education Centre to buy new clothes for Hari Raya. This was carried out on Monday and Tuesday with the help of a few of the teachers from our school.
This afternoon, 36 of my Forms 4 and 5 librarians plus Puan Nor Amlina, Ustazah Roslina, Ustazah Fauzana, Cikgu Hanafiah, Cikgu Daniel, Puan Nurul Marliana and Puan Kamariah made a trip to the Manabi'ul Ulum Education Centre to present the Raya Goodie bags to the Golden girls there. All in all, we prepared 10 bags for the underprivileged senior citizens and another 17 for the others who were there to deepen their understanding of the Islamic religion.
When the boys and girls reached the centre, they were given a briefing by Miss Cheah before being guided to the quarters of the Opah-opah (Perak lingo for grannies) by Cik Aishah, one Ustaz Syed Sharim's assistants.

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