Friday, July 1, 2011


I had to get one of the students, Baron to help finish a powerpoint presentation of the activities in the school which will be shown to the parents and students who will be attending the Anak Harapan session in school this Saturday.
In the above picture, I had gone to the computer lab in school to check what Baron had done so far.  He had converted the slides into the video format and added special effects as well.  After viewing the video, I requested he make a few adjustments to the video.
After that I got ready to drive back to Ipoh as my sister who was looking after my sick mother had met with an accident.  She fell in the bathroom and knocked her head on the sink.  She had a big gash on her forehead and also a nick on a chin.  I had asked permission from the principal to go back to Ipoh to bring my mother to Sitiawan so that I could look after her.

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