Thursday, July 28, 2011


Miss Cheah and 11 other Media teachers from the Seri Manjung area have been busy helping out 
at the KDSK school library that our own work in school has to be put on hold for three days.  The 
pictures above were taken on the last day we were there.  As can be seen, all of us were busy doing
the job that we were called to do.
Today Miss Cheah back in school and she has three days' work waiting for me to complete.  Luckily 
there are the resource centre committee members to help her out.  Ustazah Roslina is now busy 
making the materials for the new exhibition titled "Ramadhan dan Perayaan Aidil Fitri" (Ramadhan 
and the Celebration of Aidil Fitri).  Puan Asiah is processing the new books while Miss Cheah is 
catching up on updating the school blog and writing my record book.  Later she will be doing the
labelling for the new exhibition and also updating the exhibits for the Herb Corner and the Legacy 
Corner (Sudut Warisan).
And also there will be changes to our own library as well.  According to Feng Shui principles,
one cannot leave things stagnant for a long time as the Energy of the place will become stale.

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