Sunday, June 12, 2011


The red fruit of the Mahkota Dewa plant (God's Crown) above looks inviting, doesn't it?  It was planted by our former principal, Puan Siti Arfah bt Ibrahim in the school compound about 18 months ago and it is now bearing fruit.  However, I have to put up a sign soon as a warning not to eat the fruit without processing.  If eaten raw, the fruit is poisonous.  
To make the fruit safe for consumption, the unripe green fruit as well as the ripened red fruit can be shredded and sun-dried. Take one tablespoon (no more) of this dried shredded flesh and mix it with a glass of boiling hot water to make a beverage infusion. It is believed that the flesh of the Mahkota Dewa fruit contains the anti-oxidant compounds that fight cancer. This is not recommended for pregnant women as consumption of this non-prescribed alternative medicine can endanger the unborn foetus.

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