Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today Miss Cheah was at PKG Manjung to carry out her duty as a judge to help select four candidates to represent PKG Seri Manjung for the Tokoh NILAM 2011 competition.  Two representatives will be from the secondary schools and two others will be from the primary schools.
The students had to undergo a few tests today.  They first had to sit for one hour of written examination.  Then they had to go through four rounds of testing for English Reading Comprehension, Malay Comprehension, General Knowledge and Understanding of the books they had read.  Besides having reached the NILAM level for their reading, the candidates who represented their schools also had excellent examination results, held posts in their schools and were also active in co-curricular activities. Many of them have represented their schools in district, state and national level competitions.
Though there are three Form 4 students from our school who had reached the NILAM level for reading, they do not have the other requisites to be nominated as candidates.  The candidates must be from Year 5 for the primary schools and Form 4 for the secondary schools.

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