Friday, June 17, 2011


This afternoon I visited my young friends at the Sitiawan Vision Home.  It has been months since I last paid them a visit.  I made some herbal drinks for them as well as brought them some cakes. 
A few of the teachers from Vokasma also went with me.  Puan Kamariah and Puan Bazuaniza have gone with me to visit these children before and they were familiar with them.  For three of them, Cik Irma, Cik Fatin and Cik Azalilah this was the first time they visited the Home.  Cik Irma and Cik Fatin  also bought cakes for the children.  I told them that some of the children were from broken homes, some were abandoned by their families and a few were orphans.  If they were to listen to their individual stories, then I believe that tears would start to well up in their eyes.  Initially the teachers were rather shy and did not know how to interact with the children but I told them that they, especially the little ones, were greatly in need of some loving and attention.  I said that what I do every time I go there is to give motherly hugs to the children and also talk with them. 
I was rather disappointed that not all the children were around when we reached the place at around 1.00 p.m.  Some of the boys and girls were studying in the afternoon session and would only be back in the evening.  Sigh!  I did not get to see Jaya and Mei Mei.  Never mind, I would be going again.  Hopefully, my friends would want to come along again.

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