Saturday, June 25, 2011


For a long time, the Vokasma Herb Garden has only been one where people visited to look at the plants.  Once in a while, a staff or teacher would ask for some herbal leaves for medicinal or culinary purposes.  When we have a bit of free time, Puan Kamariah and I would use some of the leaves to make kerabu.  Sometimes when we have a special function, Puan Asiah would make Nasi Lemuni using the leaves of the tree behind the library. However, the utility of the leaves were still minimal.
Well, not anymore. Ever since, I came up with the Herbal Bath Exhibition and the Talk on the benefits of having such baths, more and more teachers, staff and students have been coming to me to get the leaves.  Now, I am glad to report that we are making full use of the herbs available.  So much so that a few of the teachers were worried that there would be no leaves left.  I assured them that the more branches of leaves that we cut, more would grow back.  As a matter of fact, this ongoing pruning would be good for the plants.  Of course, I make sure that those who are having their monthly periods to not lay a hand on plants like the kaffir lime and the pomegranate.
In the above pictures with me is my colleague Azalilah who came and asked me to suggest leaves for a herbal bath that would be beneficial for her health.

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