Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After the sambal ikan bilis and nasi lemak were cooked, the next step was to do the wrapping using newspapers and banana leaves.  While Tuan Haji Hasnin was doing the cooking, some of the teachers and staff were busy peeling the eggs, cutting the cucumber and getting the banana leaves ready.
After that it was wrapping time.  Everyone had fun doing the wrapping.  The students were looking at Cik Siti Fairos, Puan Hafizah, Cik Siah and Tuan Haji demonstrating how to wrap the nasi lemak.
When all was over, the students got to go back home with a packet of nasi lemak, one telur pindang and a cup of Sirap Selasih.  While the Chief Cook got to relax and enjoy the delicious nasi lemak that he had cooked.  The assistant cook was Puan Asiah Sungep.

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