Thursday, May 12, 2011


Our school is celebrating Teacher's Day on Monday the 16th of May. One of my librarians, Hafiz who is pictured above came to see me this morning and asked me for suggestions on what the librarians can give to the teachers. At first he suggested that they do a performance on the day itself but then I said that it was too short a space of time. Finally I came up with the idea that they make potpourri to give to all the teachers.
So I brought Hafiz to the Herb Garden and we looked for aromatic leaves. We collected lemon leaves, cinnamon leaves, kaffir lime leaves, lime leaves, lemon grass and pandanus leaves.
 Here Hafiz is cutting the kaffir lime leaves.
The trainee librarians were busy cutting the leaves and flowers for the potpourri when they came for their duties in the afternoon.
After all the leaves and flowers had been cut, we added perfume to it.  Then one of the boys tossed the ingredients in the container to make sure that perfume is spread evenly.
 This is how the potpourri we made look like. I added perfume to it. In Malay, it is called Bunga Rampai.

 When the potpourri was ready, I taught the boys how to wrap them using a thin piece of cloth.

 Next one must tie the ribbon tightly.

 Ta Da, the potpourri ball is ready.  Tomorrow we will be decorating it with flowers.  We need to make about 120 to give to all the teachers and staff of the school.

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