Friday, April 29, 2011


Each year,  Resource Centre Week is held in our school to promote the use of the library. The theme that we have decided on for 2011 is "Traditional Malay Cooking".

The launching ceremony was carried out during assembly this morning and we prepared a gimmick to draw everyone's attention to two types of traditional Malay food.

 Cik Faziatul was the mistress of ceremony.  In her speech, she outlined the objectives of the week and the activities that would be carried out for the duration.

After that ...

 In came Daim dressed in Baju Melayu and carrying a basket of Sagon. He was calling out, "Sagon.  Sagon.  2 kupang satu.  2 kupang satu."

 From the other side of the hall, Asyraf entered from the door and called out "Pulut Kunyit.  Pulut Kunyit"
When both the boys reached the middle, they faced the stage where the principal and other teachers were seated.
 Then the principal, Puan Hajah Intan, who was already cued on what to do called out to the smaller boy to go up to the stage.
Puan Hajah Intan proceeded to ask Asyraf what he was selling. He answered, "Pulut Kuning". She then asked how much. The answer was RM2.50. The principal said that RM2.50 for a bit expensive for glutinuous rice only.

Then the boy answered that the Pulut Kuning came with Curry Chicken. After that, the principal said that she'd buy one.
The boy is putting the container of Pulut Kuning into a bag to give to the principal and she pays him RM2.50. In Malay culture, the seller would say, "Jual ya" (with the money received I have sold you food) while the buyer will reply, "Beli ya" (Bought). It is with this transactional exchange that the Resource Centre Week was launched. Wasn't it fun?

The Sagon was also distributed to the teachers as goodies for the launching ceremony. Besides that pamphlets and a Bulletin was also given out to advertise the activities of the week and also the types of Malay Traditional Food.
The following activities would be carried out for Resource Centre Week:
Exhibition on Traditional Malay Cooking
Cooking Demonstration
Jigsaw Puzzle Contest
Slide Presentation on Traditional Malay Cooking

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